Genius Hour and Scientists in Schools

Genius Hour Project

We have started something new in the grade 3 room: Genius Hour! For one hour every Friday, students will read, research, plan and design a passion projects. Students can take on any topic they are passionate about, and create a project they can share with the class, the school … the world! Genius Hour is based on inquiry. Students need to develop a question related to their passion that they can research.  Simple questions that they can find the answer to easily are not encouraged.  Inquiry questions should lend themselves to the creation of a project – a passion project – at the end.  Projects can be media based (movie, slideshow, etc.), or something physical they build, design, or create.  At the completion of the 12 week Genius Hour timeline, these projects will shared with an audience. Throughout the entire process, students will be engaged in research, reading nonfiction articles, planning through graphic organizers, writing, and reflecting

Sample Passion Projects and Questions

  • How were medieval castle walls constructed?  (passion project idea:  constructing a model of a castle wall)
  • Can I create new dessert recipes?  (passion project idea:  making a cookbook)
  • How do you make doll clothes?  (passion project idea:  a sketchbook of doll clothes and two handmade outfits)
  • What was the inspiration behind the movie, Star Wars?  (passion project idea:  a media movie or slideshow showcasing pictures and information)
  • Can I design my ideal bedroom?  (passion project idea:  an interior design board complete with swatches and furniture ideas, where to find or make items, and pricing options)

What you can do to help at home: I ask that you please talk with your child this weekend about possible passion projects. I will be meeting with students next Friday about their ideas and we can narrow down their passion project. Once your child has decided on a passion project, students are allowed to work on this at home as well as bring in any resources that they feel will help them with their research. I think this will be a really great opportunity for students to explore an area they are interested in and help them improve their inquiry skills!

Scientist in Schools Coming to the Grade 3 Room!

The Scientist in Schools team is coming to the grade 3 room on Friday Oct 24th! They will be here for 2.5 hours and will be doing hands on experiments and activities about forces causing movement with the students. To help cover the cost, please send in $5 before the presentation date. In order for the program to run smoothly, we need 4 parent volunteers who have police checks to assist with small groups. Looking forward to an exciting presentation!

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